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Яркие красочные широкоформатные изображения

A 2-Model Lineup with the High-Brightness and Contrast

A Full 16,000 lm of Brightness and 2,500:1 Contrast (PT-EX16K)

The 4-Lamp Optical System uses high-output, 380 W UHM lamps to deliver remarkable 16,000-lm brightness. And the contrast ratio is a high 2,500:1, to ensure bright, crisp, large-screen projection.

High 13,000-lm Brightness and 4,000:1 Contrast (PT-EX12K)

The 2-Lamp Optical System uses high-output, 380 W UHM lamps to produce high brightness of 13,000 lm. Contrast is also high at 4,000:1. Images are sharp and crisp.

Excellent Colors with Pure Color Control

It is inherently difficult for LCD projectors to attain both high brightness and superb color reproduction. For this reason, in addition to the three conventional LCD panels that control the light intensity for the red, blue and green primary colors, the PT-EX16K/EX12K also features a Pure Color Control function that independently controls the light intensity of yellow coloring. This provides rich overall color expression while maintaining brightness.

Basic Concept of the Pure Color Control

Full 10-Bit Image Processing System

The use of a full 10-bit image processing system provides smooth tonal expression.
For example, skin tones appear natural and true to life.