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PT-DZ13KE Серия

Высокая надежность и низкая стоимость обслуживания

Reliability and Stability

Panasonic's Original Dual Lamp System

This system eliminates the interruption if a lamp should fail (in dual-lamp operation mode). The Lamp Relay mode also operates the lamps alternately to enable 24/7 projection.*

Dual-Lamp System
Lamp Relay Mode for 24/7 Operation

* If the projector is to be operated continuously 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, use the dual-lamp optical system's alternating
lamp operation (lamp changer) function. The projector cannot be operated continuously 24 hours a day / 7 days a week in
dual-lamp mode. Allow a minimum of two hours per week of non-operation time per lamp if using the dual-lamp mode.

Eco Filter that Needs No Maintenance for up to 12,000 Hours*

The Eco Filter has an electrostatic Micro Cut Filter that collects minute dust particles with an ion effect. It combines with the dust-resistant cabinet to enable long-term use even under harsh conditions. Its maintenance cycle of up to 12,000 hours* reduces hassle, and the environmental design lets you wash the filter with water and reuse it.**

* The usage environment affects the filter maintenance cycle.
** When washing with water, please follow the procedures listed in the operating instructions. Also, we recommend replacing the filter with a new one after it has been washed and reused twice. If the filter is not sufficiently clean after washing, replace it with a new one.

Low TCO and an Environmentally Friendly Design

The PT-DZ13K Series projectors lower the total cost of ownership because they have a lamp replacement cycle of up to 2,500 hours.* Their environmentally friendly design also includes a low power consumption of 1,000 W.

* When the projector is in landscape orientation.
With the LAMP POWER set to HIGH mode. 3,500 hours for the PT-DZ10K with the LAMP POWER set to NORMAL mode. The usage environment affects the lamp replacement cycle.
** NORMAL mode: For the PT-DZ10K only.
LAMP POWER Lamp replacement cycle (hours)
HIGH 2,500 -
MIDDLE/NORMAL** 3,500 3,500
ECO 4,000 4,000

Easy Lamp Replacement

For easier maintenance, you can replace the lamp from the rear. This makes it easy to replace a lamp unit while the projector is still in the mounting bracket or dual stacked.

Optional Smoke Cut Filter ET-SFD320

The projector can be equipped with an optional, extra-strong air filter to prevent the entry of smoke, such as those used for special effects at events and stage performances.