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PT-DZ770Е Серия

Яркие качества изображения с высокой четкостью

Bright 8,200/7,000 lm from Compact Body

New lamp drive system has helped to make the body as compact as Panasonic’s
PT-DZ6700 Series,* while providing high brightness of 8,200 lm for the PT-DX810S and 7,000 lm for the PT-DZ770K/DW740S.

* PT-DZ6710/DZ6700/DW6300S/D6000S/D5000S.

Bright 8,000/7,000 lm from Compact Body

RGB Booster Significantly Improves Color Reproduction

The RGB Booster achieves high image quality with levels of color reproduction and brightness that make each color stand out.
It combines Panasonic’s proprietary Vivid Color Control technology with a newly engineered Lamp Modulation Drive System
for a 1-chip DLP™ projector that produces bright and vivid colors.

Vivid Color Control

This unique control technology optimizes the use of the color segment areas of the color wheel. It increases the brightness of each RGB color by minimizing the unallocated portions between the colors, to achieve truly vivid coloring.

Lamp Modulation Drive System

With the advanced lamp modulation technology, the projector is able to control the lamp intensity for each of the red, green, blue, and white segments of the color wheel separately. Because the actual light output is controlled in relation to each color segment, light usage is optimized and color balance is obtained without lowering the brightness. This results in bright vivid images with increased color fidelity.

Detail Clarity Processor Brings Depth and Clarity to Details

This advanced image-processing circuit analyzes the video signal frequency range for each scene by extracting data on the distribution of high, mid, and low-frequency components, and brings out fine details accordingly. The resulting images have a more natural, three-dimensional appearance with crisp, clear detail.

System Daylight View 2 for Enhanced Color Perception

Image details are less clear when a projector is used in a room with the lights on. Panasonic’s System Daylight View 2 improves brightness perception by adjusting sharpness, gamma curves, and color corrections. This produces crisper, more stunning images with vivid colors even under bright conditions.

DICOM Simulation Mode*

This imaging mode is similar to DICOM part 14, which is a medical imaging standard. It reproduces X-ray images with remarkable clarity.

* This product is not a medical instrument. Do not use it for actual medical diagnosis.

Rec. 709 Mode for HDTV Projection

Optimal color reproduction can be achieved by selecting this mode, compliant with ITU-R Recommendation BT.709,
when images from an HDTV source are projected.