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Большой экран для группового просмотра

2,800-lm Brightness from Newly Developed 280-W Red-Rich Lamp

The PT-AR100/AH1000 projector produces bright, sharp images by employing a new, high-power 280-W Red-Rich Lamp and optical unit that combine to generate 2,800 lm of brightness for comfortable viewing in various lighting conditions.

Light Harmonizer 3 Produces Quality Pictures in Various Lightings

Together with 2,800 lm of brightness, Panasonic’s Light Harmonizer 3 technology assists the versatile use of the projector by automatically adjusting the picture quality of the image to match the living room or theater room conditions. This is made possible by utilizing built-in ambient light and color sensors that adjust the white balance, gamma curve, and sharpness settings to maintain bright, crisp pictures that match the viewing environment.

Light Harmonizer 3 mechanism
Light Harmonizer 3 mechanism

Picture Modes for Different Occasions

The PT-AR100/AH1000 features seven picture modes for various viewing situations, including modes that are ideal for sports, games and movies: Normal, Dynamic, Game, Sports, Rec. 709, Cinema 1 and Vivid Cinema.

Cinema 1 Mode Offers Hollywood Picture Quality

Movies can be enjoyed in Cinema 1 mode that has been tuned carefully to faithfully express the director’s artistic intent. Panasonic has continued to work side by side with Hollywood experts to deliver this ideal image reproduction for viewing movies.

Game Mode for Stress-Free Playing

This mode improves signal processing for better response, allowing you to play games with minimal stress. It also reveals gradation in saturated areas to show details that are otherwise lost in very dark areas.

Sports Mode with Motion Effect for Sharp Action Scenes

In Sports mode, together with the Motion Effect feature, the PT-AR100/AH1000 detects and extenuates detail on moving objects, resulting in intensified action with clearer, more highlighted players.

[NORMAL] For a general image.
[DYNAMIC] For viewing at high brightness and sharpness.
[GAME] For use with games.
[SPORTS] For sports programs.
[REC. 709] For HDTV standard (ITU-R BT. 709) color temperature of 6,500 K at the default setting of the [PICTURE] menu items.
[CINEMA 1] Tuned by top Hollywood colorists for watching a movie with smooth image quality.
[VIVID CINEMA] For use with a high luminance, clear picture mode.