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Standard setting-up positions

  • unit: mm (inch)
  • L: Distance to screen
    H: Height from the edge of screen to center of lens
Illustrations show the projector installed using optional ceiling mount bracket ET-PKA110S.
This illustration is not drawn to scale.
• All construction work should be done by a qualified technician.
• When mounting to the ceiling, use the special mounting bracket. To prevent the projector from swaying or dropping, attach the wire that is included with the projector between the mounting bracket and the ceiling.

Projection distance (screen aspect ratio 16:9)

The values of L shown above vary due to characteristics of the zoom lens. Images may slightly distort due to characteristics of the zoom lens when the zoom lens is set to the minimum throw distance.

Calculation of the projection distance

For a screen size different from the above, use the equation below to calculate the projection distance.

Aspect ratio16 : 9 minimum
L (m) = (diagonal screen size in inches) × 0.0292 - 0.054
L (m) = (diagonal screen size in inches) × 0.0583 - 0.041
The accuracy of calculated value by the formula shown above is ±5%.